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Escape to the peaceful, yet stimulating Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. There are a myriad of reasons why many seek out NC mountain land to continue to nurture already established roots or look to relocate and establish new ones. Breathtaking views and rich land, along with the economic advantages of the area are just a few of the benefits NC mountain land offers. Whether it’s due more to visceral reasons, economic reasons or a combination thereof you will want to quickly emerge yourself in the haven created by this incomparable landscape.

The spectacular views you’ll be met with are hard to forget. Unspoiled terrain contributes to the feeling of serenity the NC mountain land continues to provide. Dense wooded areas consists of lush plant life that includes dogwoods, hickories, maples, white pines and hemlocks. The canopy they form is mesmerizing. The open spaces of grassy meadows form a completely opposite experience compared to the wilderness and attracts many. Gently sloping grasslands provide an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. When exploring the higher altitudes of NC mountain land you’ll be treading some of the highest elevations found on the east coast. Take in the panoramic views of crests, valleys and treetops stretching to the horizon. No matter the time of year, the views provided by NC mountain land are unique.

The beauty of NC mountain land is within your reach, especially when considering the area’s low property taxes. It’s ideal for building homes and businesses. Both lots in subdivisions and those on large lots of land are highly sought after. Homeowners will have the freedom to custom build their home, so as to better suit their needs. The different property types allow you to find your perfect haven. For those looking to start or expand their business commercial land is also available and is available in a range of property sizes and styles. The area is growing, but maintains its innate small town charm and natural surroundings.

When deciding to claim a spot of NC mountain land it is important to work with a company which will make the transition as stress free and pleasant as possible. By choosing Ashe High Country Realty you will be working with knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy realtors, who put your priorities first and help you to find exactly what you are looking for in NC mountain land. They know and love the area. Moreover, they have been in business for over 20 years. Contact Ashe High Country Realty at your earliest convenience (1-800-729-0735).

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